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Table. 1.

Patient demographics

Sex (M:F)23:17
Age (year)39.5 (28~60)
BMI (kg/m2)24.03 (19.07~31.10)
BSA (m2)1.74 (1.33~2.33)
ASA score
Asymptomatic : Symptomatic 22:18
Preoperative USG
 Chronic cholecystitis11
 GB polyp18
 GB polyp & stone2
Preoperative CT
 Chronic cholecystitis18
 GB polyp18
Pathologic diagnosis
 Chronic cholecystitis20
 Cholesterol polyp11
 Adenomatous polyp9

BMI = Body Mass Index; BSA = Body Surface Area; ASA= American Society of Anesthesiologists; USG = Ultrasonography; CT = Computed tomography; GB = Gall bladder.

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