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Table. 2.

Characteristics of upper abdominal surgery group

Gastrectomy group (n=20)(%)Non-gastrectomy group (n=25)(%)
Operation type 45 (100)Partial gastrectomy with Billoth-II anastomosis11 (24.4)Primary closure8 (17.7)
Small bowel resection7 (15.5)
Partial gastrectomy with Billoth-I anastomosisHemicolectomy5 (11.2)
5 (11.2)Etc*5 (11.2)
Total gastrectomy4 (8.8)
Cause of operation 45 (100)Gastric cancer13 (28.9)Ulcer perforation8 (17.7)
Ulcer perforation7 (15.5)Trauma7 (15.5)
Bowel obstruction3 (6.8)
Colon cancer3 (6.8)
Etc4 (8.8)
Intervals (years)12.7 (2~30)14.0 (0.1~40)
 13.4 (0.1~40)

Splenectomy, Omental vessel ligation for bleeding control, Gastric pull up, Transduodenal mass excision, Bleeding control for hepatic bleeding.

Small bowel cyst, Ampulla of Vater adenoma, T-colon diverticulitis, Hypopharyngeal cancer.

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