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Table. 3.

Comparing the surgical outcomes of suprapubic vs non-suprapubic ventral hernia repair

Non-suprapubic hernia (n=89)Suprapubic hernia (n=9)p value
Mean age65670.661
Mean follow up time (months)21.810.30.157
Mean diameter of defect (cm)3.5 (1~15)5.63 (2~15)0.064
Mean Size of mesh (cm2)172 (60~600)394 (300~600)0.000
Mean OT time (min)75.8 (30~216)121 (71~160)0.000
Mean length of hospital stay (days)2.66 (0~10)3.11 (1~7)0.508
Mean duration of pain (months)0.28 (0~3)0.11 (0~1)0.435
Wound infection2 (2%)00.650
Seroma7 (7.9%)1 (11%)0.263
Retention of urine2 (2%)00.646
Recurrence2 (2%)00.646
Overall complication rate15%11%
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