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Table. 5.

Patients’ demographics and operative details of lateral lower abdominal hernia

Patient 1Patient 2Patient 3Mean
Age (years old)54415449.7
Cause of herniaPost TRAMPost TRAMRight paramedian incisional hernia
Operation time (mins)114161143139.3 mins
Defect size (cm)6 cmx6 cm15 cmx15 cm4 cmx4 cm AND 3 cmx3 cm (2 defects) 123.3 cm2
Mesh size (cm) 20 cmx15 cm 20 cmx25 cm 20 cmx25 cm
Length of stay (days)5 days5 days12 days7.33 days
Follow up (months)29.4 months28.7 months8.6 months22.2 months
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