Ethical Guideline for Reviewers

  • Reviewers should maintain the confidentiality of peer review and not reveal any details of a manuscript or its review, during or after the peer-review process, after those that are published by JMIS.
  • Reviewers should declare all potential conflicting interests, seeking advice from JMIS if they are unsure whether something constitutes a relevant interest.
  • Reviewers should not use information obtained during the peer-review process for their own or any other person’s or organization’s advantage.
  • Reviewers should not allow their reviews to be influenced by the origins of a manuscript, by the nationality, religious or political beliefs, gender or other characteristics of the authors, or by commercial considerations.
  • Reviewers should only agree to review manuscripts for which they have the subject expertise required to carry out a proper assessment and which they can assess in a timely manner. Reviewers should inform JMIS if they cannot respond in a time-frame according to JMIS policy.
  • Reviewers should inform JMIS if they cannot provide a fair and unbiased review after accepting review.
Mar 15, 2024 Vol.27 No.1
pp. 1~54

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