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Table. 2.

Currently available tacks

Product nameMaterial
Non- absorbableProtack™ (Covidien Corp, Mansfield, MA)Titanium
PermaFix™ (Bard Davol, Maryhill, NY)Polyacetal (polymer based)
Absorbable*SorbaFix™ (Bard Davol, Maryhill, NY)Poly(D,L)-lactide
AbsorbaTack™ (Covidien Corp, Mansfield, MA)Poly (glycolide-co-L-lactide),
Permasorb™ (Bard Davol, Maryhill, NY)Poly(D,L)-lactide
I-Clip™ (Covidien Corp, Mansfield, MA)Poly(D,L)-lactide
Securestrap™ (Johnson & Johnson Medical Limited, Livingston, UK)Polydiaxonone and L(-)-lactide/glycolide copolymer

Average duration time: 12~18 months.

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